On NHL Hockey Ice

So you think you’d like to skate on the NHL hockey ice?
Well, there are many ways to get to skate on NHL ice these days. NHL franchised hockey teams have many different promotions to facilitate your use of their ice. Playing professional hockey on NHL ice is a different story.

Play Pro Hockey – NHL Entry Draft

How does one get to play pro hockey, specifically nhl hockey? To be recruited to the NHL entry draft, NHL prospects are watched and chosen from the CHL (ohl, whl, qmjhl); junior hockey leagues; college hockey leagues from NCAA hockey; highschool and minor hockey; CJHL, USHL, and NAHL. Those players who attract the attention of NHL scouts have extensive hockey training from numerous hockey drills and hours on and off ice. They’ve attended hockey camps and hockey schools, and have superior hockey skills. Some will have to prove themselves in the AHL or even the ECHL first.

Ice Hockey Goals
If your goal is to play ice hockey on an NHL team, then it’s likely that you’ve already put in some effort, and hockey teams may want you also. Their scouts have to find you though. Do you know which are the best hockey leagues to play in to be scouted?

To Be A Pro Hockey Player
Not everyone can be a pro hockey player. Imagine the love of the ice hockey game, the dedication to hockey training, the number of ice hockey games you’d have to play. What would it take for you to play at the pro hockey level, NHL, AHL, or even the major junior hockey or junior A level?

NHL Hockey Ice will cover how to learn hockey so you can get to the NHL, common steps taken to get there, who is likely to get on a NHL ice hockey team, and what it’s like to play team hockey at that level.

League Hockey forthcoming articles

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  • Junior Hockey Tryouts
  • College Hockey (NCAA Hockey)
    • USCHO Hockey
      • Atlantic Hockey
      • CCHA
      • CHA
      • ECAC
      • Hockey East
      • WCHA
  • Junior A Minor Hockey
    • CJHL
    • NAHL
    • USHL
  • Major Junior Hockey CHL
    • OHL
    • WHL
    • QMJHL
  • UK Elite
  • ECHL
  • AHL
  • NHL

Hockey Training forthcoming articles

How To Learn Hockey
Hockey Camps
Hockey Skills
Ice Hockey Drills
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What it’s like to live the life of an NHL star.

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  1. Cameron G.

    Hi, I’m a 16 year old (high school junior in the Tampa, FL area) that has never played Hockey. I love the game, and have a very strong interest in it, and I have been thinking about getting into the game. I can skate, and i’ve played a couple team sports before. I know where my local ice rink is, and i’ve done a little bit of research as to what they offer there. What should I do to get into the game and progress towards playing serious instead of to learn and fun(although that should always happen :P )

  2. Pat

    Hey Coach,

    I am 14 years old and looking to go as far as I possibly can in hockey. I am a goaltender, and have played hockey for as long as I can remember, and began goaltending around age 7. I live in Ontario and I have played A/AA hockey and one year of AAA hockey my entire life. After a while, I got sick of hockey and decided to play a year of house league hockey instead as I didn’t think I’d want to get into hockey too much ever again. I really regret that, but the house league season is over now and A/AA tryouts are starting in May. I am about 5’2″, and around 110 lbs. I know this is really small for my age and for a goalie, but I have attended goaltending camps almost every year except for the year I played houseleague. I am wondering where I could possibly go if I end up making the A/AA team this year, which will be Minor Midget. If I don’t end up making it as a result of taking a year off to play house league, and make the MD team, where could I go then? Also, if I played A/AA this year and worked hard, attended camps, etc., and managed to make AAA for my Major Midget year, would that yield any rewards? I have always had a passion for goaltending and have always been the dominant goaltender on all of the teams I have played for. I really regret this year of not playing competitive hockey, and I just hope there is still a chance for me despite the year of house league hockey. If I am passionate about something, I can be the hardest worker and most dedicated person you would ever know. I am also a very quick and agile goalie, and I also communicate with my team mates very well. I am great at reading the play and I never give up. I always battle and do whatever I can to give my team a chance to win. Thanks in advance!

  3. Quinn Leigh-Johnson

    hi my name is Quinn Leigh-Johnson i play for the Peninsula Eagles Bantom C3 team i have talked to John tortorella of the Van Canucks and he said he would put me in his scouting depertment i am working very hard to make the NHL and i would like some advice

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