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On NHL Hockey Ice

So you think you’d like to skate on the NHL hockey ice?
Well, there are many ways to get to skate on NHL ice these days. NHL franchised hockey teams have many different promotions to facilitate your use of their ice. Playing professional hockey on NHL ice is a different story.

Play Pro Hockey – NHL Entry Draft

How does one get to play pro hockey, specifically nhl hockey? To be recruited to the NHL entry draft, NHL prospects are watched and chosen from the CHL (ohl, whl, qmjhl); Europe; junior hockey leagues; college hockey leagues from NCAA hockey; highschool and minor hockey; CJHL, USHL, and NAHL. Those players who attract the attention of NHL scouts have extensive hockey training from numerous hockey drills and hours on and off ice. They’ve attended hockey camps and hockey schools, and have superior hockey skills. Some will have to prove themselves in the AHL or other minor pro hockey leagues like the ECHL first.

Ice Hockey Goals
If your goal is to play ice hockey on an NHL team, then it’s likely that you’ve already put in some effort, and hockey teams may want you too. Their scouts have to find you though.

Do you know which are the best hockey leagues to play in to be scouted?

To Be A Pro Hockey Player
Not everyone can be a pro hockey player. Imagine the love of the ice hockey game, the dedication to hockey training, the number of ice hockey games you’d have to play. What would it take for you to play at the pro hockey level, NHL, AHL, or even the major junior hockey or junior A level? A lot! Read pages and comments in this Web site. Ask us your question(s). Get involved and take control of your own hockey career. Nobody else can do it for you.

NHL Hockey Ice will cover how to learn hockey so you can get to the NHL, common steps taken to get there, who is likely to get on a NHL ice hockey team, and what it’s like to play team hockey at that level, or any other high level of hockey.

League Hockey forthcoming articles

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  • Junior Hockey Tryouts
  • College Hockey (NCAA Hockey)
    • USCHO Hockey
      • Atlantic Hockey
      • CCHA
      • CHA
      • ECAC
      • Hockey East
      • WCHA
  • Junior A Minor Hockey
    • CJHL
    • NAHL
    • USHL
  • Major Junior Hockey CHL
    • OHL
    • WHL
    • QMJHL
  • UK Elite
  • ECHL
  • AHL
  • NHL

Hockey Training forthcoming articles

How To Learn Hockey
Hockey Camps
Hockey Skills
Ice Hockey Drills
Ice Hockey School
Private Hockey Lessons Plans

NHL Hockey forthcoming articles

Your First NHL Hockey Game

Pro Hockey Life forthcoming articles

What it’s like to live the professional hockey life or that of an NHL star.

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  1. Nathan

    Hi, I am 22 years old, I gave up the dream when I was 17 but had great potential playing major midget when I was 15 then going into junior A before I was convinced too give it up and start working. I have skated the last two summers and trained a bit off ice with the pros. NHL, AHL, ECHL, and players from Europe. People always ask me where im playing this year and its depressing telling them its been over for a while. Is there anyway I can get a tryout or join any league too get looked at again ?

  2. Melinda Gatziaris

    My son is 15 playing on the Jr. Everblades U16A division. We are currently work with Ryan McGinnis on getting U16AA for next year. My son wants to play on a college level hockey. His current schedule is Monday private, Tuesday practice with travel team, Wednesday weight training, Thursday practice and every other weekend travel for games or tournaments. I really at this point have know clue what I need to do to get him in front of the right people for the colleges he wants to go to. I need some tips to get him to the next step????

  3. Michael

    Hi my name is Michael, I play AA in the GTHL, in Toronto ON, I just turned 15 and I have already gotten offers to go AAA, and I am wondering if its not already to late, I am very determined to make the NHL, I am born 1999, please if you have any information or advice on the best way for me to make it, much appreciated, Thank you

  4. Jack

    Hi my name is jack I’m 11 heads old and I really want to make it to the NHL it has been my dream since I was little I started playing hockey at the age of 5 I am on the b team now and I am a pee wee is there any tips you can give me to make the A team I think I’m that good to play with the A
    Thank you

  5. Evan

    Hey Coach, I’ve been invited to the USHL Combine for 99/00. I’m just curious as to how to be noticed in the showcase games. Should I play a little more selfishly to show off skill? Should I try to make risky plays? Should I play safe? Thanks in advance

  6. Nick george

    I am 14 and wondering If I have time to make it to AAA. I am in middle school and am leading the league in everything. I dedicate my life and train hard and play everyday I am 5′ 4″ 111 pounds and still developing I hope I still have a chance to won day make it to the NHL. Thanks

  7. Zbo

    I’m 17 in g rap michigan! Been playing since I’ve been 5. My last year of varsity hockey! I have great speed as I use that to my advantage, however I have a relatively weeker slap shot, it’s terrible. What should I do to improve my slapshot?

  8. Mike

    Hello Mike,
    My son is a 12 year old goalie in the LCAHL. Is he too young to take to the various showcase tournaments offered to players his age? He doesn’t play AAA yet, however he is ready per some instructors evaluations- as you know, goaltender spots are very limited, and hopefull by Spring of 2015 he will play AAA. I am looking for avenues of exposure for him, and thought these various tournaments that are offered might be a good choice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike.

    1. Matthew R

      hey i know I’m not the person you asked this to but i think thats a great idea for your kid sending him into various tournaments it good training also try some camps or private trainers i use to play goalie was i did figure skating for balance training camps and various tournaments to prove my skills idk if this is what your looking for but i think thats a really great idea to join in random tournaments look at your local hockey ranks or around the area for some tournaments deal like 3 on 3 or what not

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