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Are YOU prepared to stand on your head to make a play?

sometimes you have to stand on your head to make a play

Okay, Morrow wasn’t actually standing on his head to make this play. As you see in the sequence below, he had just been wrecked by Bergeron (2003 NHL playoffs).
Bergeron hip checked Morrow

Yes this is a Web site about REAL hockey (ice; not roller, not inline, not table, not bubble, or field hockey).

On NHL Hockey Ice

So you think you’d like to skate on the NHL hockey ice?
Well, there are many ways to get to skate on NHL ice these days. NHL franchised hockey teams have many different promotions to facilitate your use of their ice. Playing professional hockey on NHL ice is a different story.

Play Pro Hockey – NHL Entry Draft

How does one get to play pro hockey, specifically nhl hockey? To be recruited to the NHL entry draft, NHL prospects are watched and chosen from the CHL (ohl, whl, qmjhl); Europe; junior hockey leagues; college hockey leagues from NCAA hockey; highschool and minor hockey; CJHL, USHL, and NAHL. Those players who attract the attention of NHL scouts have extensive hockey training from numerous hockey drills and hours on and off ice. They’ve attended hockey camps and hockey schools, and have superior hockey skills. Some will have to prove themselves in the AHL or other minor pro hockey leagues like the ECHL first.

Ice Hockey Goals
If your goal is to play ice hockey on an NHL team, then it’s likely that you’ve already put in some effort, and hockey teams may want you too. Their scouts have to find you though.

Do you know which are the best hockey leagues to play in to be scouted?

To Be A Pro Hockey Player
Not everyone can be a pro hockey player. Imagine the love of the ice hockey game, the dedication to hockey training, the number of ice hockey games you’d have to play. What would it take for you to play at the pro hockey level, NHL, AHL, or even the major junior hockey or junior A level? A lot! Read pages and comments in this Web site. Ask us your question(s). Get involved and take control of your own hockey career. Nobody else can do it for you.

NHL Hockey Ice will cover how to learn hockey so you can get to the NHL, common steps taken to get there, who is likely to get on a NHL ice hockey team, and what it’s like to play team hockey at that level, or any other high level of hockey.

League Hockey forthcoming articles

  • AAA Hockey team
  • Junior Hockey Tryouts
  • College Hockey (NCAA Hockey)
    • USCHO Hockey
      • Atlantic Hockey
      • CCHA
      • CHA
      • ECAC
      • Hockey East
      • WCHA
  • Junior A Minor Hockey
    • CJHL
    • NAHL
    • USHL
  • Major Junior Hockey CHL
    • OHL
    • WHL
    • QMJHL
  • UK Elite
  • ECHL
  • AHL
  • NHL

Hockey Training forthcoming articles

How To Learn Hockey
Hockey Camps
Hockey Skills
Ice Hockey Drills
Ice Hockey School
Private Hockey Lessons Plans

NHL Hockey forthcoming articles

Your First NHL Hockey Game

Pro Hockey Life forthcoming articles

What it’s like to live the professional hockey life or that of an NHL star.


  1. Kyle Johnson says

    hello i am kyle johnson from long island ny, ive been playing hockey 5 days a week for about 3 years now but skating all my life and playing baseball all my life help. i have been playing in clinics with 18u junior a league players and college level players every once inawhile, im looking to evaluate my level of play but i am 23 years old 6’4 great skater deffenitley room for more improvement but i need to find out what teams or leagues there are to tryout for, are there any places that will take me on a minor league team as a walk on try out? please any feedback would b awesome

  2. Bryan Carver says

    Hello my name is Bryan and I’m really only looking for some information on where I can go to get a NHL tryout or a minor pro hockey tryout?

  3. Hayden says

    I’ve been playing hockey since I was about 3. I would hope to play in the WHL or the NHL someday and I was wondering how I could do that.
    Right now in my league I cannot afford to play AAA or AA so for now I am playing A1. I’ve gone to camps and have improved alot and I would love to have a career in the sport that I love. Do you have any recommendations to what I should do to possibly get a career?

  4. says

    I’m 15 years old from a little town in western New York. Since I watched my first hockey game I knew I wanted to play in the NHL. I play travel AA 16u. I’m a defenseman. Is it too late to try? Hockey has consumed my life since I was 4 and I train everyday. If I can’t ice skate I rollerblade in my drive way. Any pointers?

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