Correct Hockey Stick Length

Proper Hockey Stick Length Based mostly on comfort and personal preference, the proper hockey stick length will be relative to the height of the player, their most common skating stance, and their position or style. Hockey Stick Sizes Off the rack, hockey stick sizes are categorized Adult, Intermediate, Junior. These categories do not only apply to the length of the … [Read more...]

Hockey Stick Flex Rating

Players can get varying degrees of ice hockey stick flex in the shaft. Generally, hockey sticks are imprinted with a number indicating the stick flex, and the smaller the flex rating number, the more flexible the hockey stick is. How To Choose Hockey Stick Flex Stronger, heavier players should have a higher flex. Smaller, weaker players should have a lower flex. How … [Read more...]


Ice Hockey Stick Blades The blade of ice hockey sticks can be different sizes, usually have some sort of curve, vary in the angle they lie on the ice compared to the shaft of the hockey stick, and have different shapes. Each feature serves a different function. Hockey tape can add even more characteristics to them. You should mix and match hockey stick blade features to … [Read more...]

For Stickhandling

Ice Hockey Sticks For Stickhandling The best hockey stick for stickhandling for you, is the one that suits your comfort, size, usage, and stickhandler skills. There are several factors that will help you decide on the one that'll make you the most agile and efficient stickhandler you can be. Become One with the Hockey Stick Stickhandling is an important skill for every … [Read more...]

How Hockey Sticks Are Made

Ice Hockey Stick Construction Do you wonder how ice hockey sticks are made? Hockey sticks currently are made of different materials, each having its own characteristics. They also vary in shaft length, circumference, shape, flexibility, balance, kick point, and blade characteristics. Youth stick shafts are shorter and have a smaller circumference, and youth blades are … [Read more...]