Zdeno Chara Slapshot

Hardest Shot Competition 2011 Zdeno Chara

2011 NHL Allstar Weekend's superstar was Zdeno Chara with his 105.9mph slapshot. Shooting harder than anybody in the NHL four times in a row, the biggest man in the league, Boston's Chara beat Nashville's Shea Weber again this year. … [Read more...]

Slapshot Power

Where does slapshot power come from? Do you have to be big, heavy, strong to take a hard slapshot? Does a certain hockey stick make a hard slapshot for you? Take Better Slapshots Many things come into play to produce slapshot power: speed of puck toward player taking the slapshot body motion of the shooter direction of puck before the slapshot speed of swing of the … [Read more...]

How to Take a Hard Slapshot

For a great slapshot, a full hard slapshot, you have to follow some simple steps and try, try, try until you develop an accurate, hard, fast slapshot. Why can some slapshots break the glass, but others ricochet off an ankle without pain? Why do some slap shots rip through the mesh of the net, yet some hit the audience? Why will some slap-shots score stick-side top … [Read more...]

Hardest Shot Competition

Hard Slapshot History Bernard "Boom Boom" Geoffrion of the Montreal Canadiens (1948 - 1964; NY Rangers 1966 - 1968) is credited with first common use of a slapshot, hence his nickname. Bobby Hull took a slapshot that went 118.3 mph, but that was measured back when technology wasn't as good as today. Hull also reportedly had a 105 mph wrist shot! Also interesting to … [Read more...]

Hardest Slapshot

In what was probably the hardest slapshot of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Shea Weber paddled the puck through Germany's net beating Thomas Greiss with such gusto that neither the players nor refs noticed his goal. Without celebration, the play continued for at least another 30 seconds and then the review showed Weber's hard slapshot had passed through the net. It was such a hard … [Read more...]